Working together for a stronger community

Community Building in Netherton

These stories belong to a village called Netherton. It’s a place that we know to be friendly and generous. A village where people give, share and receive in equal measures. A village that believes laughter is the best medicine for the soul and one that wont be defined by what’s wrong, but by what’s strong.

The stories we share belong to a community that has comfortably taken the lead in responding to the pandemic.

They are stories of community love, connection, care and laughter. They may also help institutions who are pondering their return to community space in a way that does not displace what communities have seeded, tended and grown.

Street Fitness : Suey

Suey lives on Stonyfield. She is a larger than life character with a big personality and an even bigger heart. She has been delivering "street fitness" with her buddies Rene and Jacky since the middle of April. Continue reading

Lippy on Bin Day: Jacky

Jacky has lived in Netherton for 52 years, long before regeneration initiatives began showing up in community space. In fact, she’s worked for all of them, mainly with children and always in care. That’s one of her passions. Continue reading

Unity in CommUnity: Chris Kelly

Chris lives in Netherton.  You could say he’s a Netherton fixture and fitting.  His family are well known and connected and  have lived in the village since the estate was built.  He now lives with his family in the house that once belonged to his Grandad. Continue reading